5 last-minute tips for the Great North Run, as featured on BBC Radio Newcastle

5 last-minute tips for the Great North Run, as featured on BBC Radio Newcastle
September 2, 2014 admin


For those of you who missed my top tips on Sunday morning on Radio Newcastle, here you go…..


1. Tapering

This simply means reducing the volume and intensity of your training runs so you feel fresh for the big day. You should have done your last long run by now. Don’t be tempted to try and squeeze in a hard session this week as you won’t get any fitter and your body won’t have time to recover sufficiently. This week just do a couple of short, easy runs with at least a couple of days rest before race day.

2. Rest

Make sure you have some early nights this week and in particular the night before the race. Don’t worry if you feel a bit nervous or find it hard to sleep the night before. This is normal, and the extra adrenalin will help you during the race.

3. Diet

Try to eat healthily leading up to race day and take on some carbohydrates towards the end of the week. Wholegrain products are better as they offer longer lasting energy e.g. pasta, brown rice, wholemeal bread, fruit & veg. You can then rely on those fuel stores on race day. On race day have breakfast at least 90 mins before the start to give your body time to digest it. Something like porridge/oatmeal and a banana works for me. You should, hopefully, know by now what you can and can’t eat before running.

4. Hydration

Stay away from alcohol the night before, save it for celebrating afterwards! Drink plenty of water the day before. We can generally manage fine with water for an hour or so of running, but after this point you will find it helpful to have an energy drink as our muscles run out of glycogen stores. Make sure you use the drink stations on the run and sip slowly.

5. Comfort

The more comfortable you are the more you will enjoy the day. To avoid any chaffing or blistering, don’t wear anything on race day you haven’t already tested out on a training run. This includes shiny new trainers! Prepare for the weather. Use sun cream or take a rain poncho/bin bag/something which will keep you warm and dry which you can discard before the start of the race.

Finally……Make sure you arrive early, pace yourself, and, most importantly, enjoy it!

See you at the start line.

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